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Home Support Services
Providers of
“Care in Your Home”

Community Careline Services
In Havering

Premier Gold Care
In Essex & Leicester


A family run business, which provides care and support services within the Local community. We are based at premises in Gidea Park, Romford, and We provide our services in Havering, Essex and Leicester.
Home Support Services employs a team of female & male staff, all of whom are fully trained and keen to help and meet the personal requirements of our clients.
We are an independent organization accepting private clients. Our first class Service meets the needs of all those requiring care and support whether through illness, age, disability or in times of crisis.

Services Provided

We can offer relief for a main carer and company for the lonely. Shopping trips can be arranged.

If you require a carer to stay with you overnight to give you peace of mind and reassurance, a sleep-in service is also provided. If you require care during the night then we can provide a sit-up service.

Domestic Work
General house cleaning
Laundry (washing and ironing)

An ongoing training programme ensures that staff are kept abreast of the latest skills needed to deliver quality care. An N.V.Q. course of study is established and carers must obtain this qualification during their period of employment. Staff are given an in-depth induction to the company and caring industry. Their work is supervised regularly and a monitoring system is in place to ensure the level of care provided is always of the highest quality.

Full Range of Services

• Personal Care
• Assistance to get in & out of bed
• Shopping
• Meal Preparation
• Pension collection
• Domestic Hygiene cleaning
• Laundry
• Social support & companionship
• Assistance with medication
• Night service
• Sleep service
• Sitting service


• Elderly
• Physically disabled
• Learning difficulties
• Family support

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